Another Round

Another Round ★★★★★

I wanted to watch Another Round after familiarizing myself with Thomas Vinterberg’s filmmaking by watching The Hunt, but since I couldn’t actually find The Hunt anywhere, I figured I should just go on ahead and watch Another Round anyway. There are a lot of movies that tackle the average midlife crisis, but Another Round not only portrayed a unique midlife crisis rather than an average one, but it did so in a unique and memorable way. Rather than strictly being a pro-drinking comedy or an anti-alcoholism drama, Another Round rode the fine line between these two types of movies, and as a result, it was a movie that promoted celebrating life in moderation above all else.

One detail that I thought was incredibly well done was how the film was directed and edited. The movie’s energy became a lot more lively as the characters drank more, which puts the audience in their shoes perfectly. While everyone gave good performances, the obvious highlight here is Mads Mikkelsen. He gave an incredibly magnetic and charismatic performance, and like the editing and directing, it was a great idea to have his performance be more lively when he was drunk. Overall, Another Round is a great comedy-drama with some great direction and a fantastic leading performance from Mads Mikkelsen.

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