La Notte

La Notte ★★★★★


While I did really like watching Antonioni’s L’Avventura yesterday, I couldn’t really say that I knew what to expect with his follow up, La Notte, since I was still trying to wrap my head around L’Avventura throughout the day. I ended up liking La Notte a lot more than L’Avventura, as it did new and interesting things on top of keeping what worked with L’Avventura. I thought that the 24 hour structure of La Notte was very well done, as it tied into the film’s theme of loveless relationships being linked to culture and society pretty well. Speaking of which, the way that La Notte depicts the dying marriage of Giovanni and Lidia was also well done and compelling to watch, and their great performances also helped the film a lot. 

I’ve seen many people describe L’Avventura as a visually striking movie, and while the black-&-white cinematography and landscapes are both beautiful in that film, I thought that La Notte was the better looking film, along with being the better film in general. Not only did it have the same strengths as L’Avventura’s cinematography, but the shots themselves had much more interesting composition and blocking, which led to the film being much more visually distinct than its predecessor. I’m still pretty excited to check out L’Eclisse, but it’s going to be pretty hard for that film to be on the same level as La Notte for me, because I thought that this film was terrific.

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