Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★


Right around the time I made my Letterboxd account, I followed a user named @KWIKFIRE. While they aren’t as active now as they were back then, Love Exposure was one of their top favorite movies, and I’ve been meaning to see it since then. After over two years of excitement and anticipation, I made sure to never hear a single thing about the film so that I could go in completely blind, and now that I’ve finally seen Love Exposure, I can’t imagine seeing it any other way. While the four hour runtime may seem daunting at first, Love Exposure is extremely fast paced and it’s runtime is only so long because of how much it has to offer with its unpredictable story and terrific characters, and the only other movie that I can compare it to in this way is Barry Lyndon, although Love Exposure engaged me for four hours instead of just three. 

Even with the runtime in mind, it’s still kind of amazing to me that Love Exposure managed to not only have so much going on all at once, but to also balance it all so perfectly without being flawed in any way. I also loved the film’s highly expressive digital cinematography and editing, as it not only gave the film a unique look, but it also made the film’s storytelling flow that much better. Not only is it hard for me to talk about Love Exposure without spoiling it to death, but it’s also hard for me to talk about it without just using the word “perfect” over and over again, so I’m just going to say that this is easily the best movie of the 21st Century, and it’s easily one of the very best movies I’ve ever seen.

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