Paprika ★★★★


I’ve been wanting to check out Satoshi Kon’s work for a while, and after giving up on trying to find a free way to see Perfect Blue, I decided to watch Paprika, which my uncle bought on iTunes ages ago. Even after seeing just one movie, I can tell that Satoshi Kon fully understood how much potential animation had. 

Paprika is filled to the brim with beautiful, yet dark and disorienting imagery, and it only gets darker as the movie progresses. There’s such a heavy emphasis on Paprika being a visual experience that ignoring the plot entirely wouldn’t negatively affect the experience very much. Speaking of the plot, Paprika is very hard to follow story-wise, and I ended up only understanding about half of the story’s rules. Unlike other movies that are hard to keep up with, I wasn’t frustrated or confused with Paprika’s convoluted plot at all. Instead, I just rolled with the movie and ended up liking it even more. 

Inception wishes it could be as good as Paprika.

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