Suspiria ★★★

Definitely not for me, there was no focus - splitting the stories like that, I want to love this movie because some things are done so damn well - but the pacing is a real problem for me ... It's been awhile since I've felt so angry after viewing a movie.

- It felt so damn pretentious

- It goes from 0 to 100 a couple of times, those shocking moments are pretty intense but... ya, I'll probably never watch this again and can't recommend it to anyone.

"It felt like a re-wank of the original" - a friend
"There is that disturbing scene, and then many, many, many many other scenes" - another review I agree with

The set, the actors, the camera work & score... all fantastic.

The story, the length, even the placement of the fucking subtitles were pretty brutal. Felt like an endurance... a friend walked out during it. The amazing "CLIMAX" everyone refers to was somewhat laughable. The build up was so scattered and barely there - Part of me felt it was really cool & the other half is embarrassed for it. Very confusing.

This is coming from someone who loved Hereditary.

The dancing is decent, they nailed the time era... but the justification as to why it's in that era isn't worth the price to me. It's like he wanted to pay homage to how films were made in the 70s. I was expecting a more modern version of this movie... not a re-work that is so long and boring.

I wasn't even a fan of the original, but I'm pretty damn sure I enjoy it more than this re-hash.

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