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  • The Happening

    The Happening

    This movie is epically bad. From Hot Dog Guy to chase scenes with wind, I think this one will gain some camp notoriety in the years to come.

  • Drive



    Craft-wise, this film is as good at it gets. The cinematography works hard to fit LA's style and succeeds magnificently from scene to scene. The music is great, all the actors are great and it's what I've come to expect from Refn. There were a few instances of violence that were definitely a little too sadistic and excessive for me, mostly because I'm a massive coward. I reckon I'm going to enjoy it even more on the second viewing because my fear of something gross happening will be subdued.

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  • Harakiri



    Now that was a samurai movie, truly in the purest fashion. The plot, the suspense, and the thrills are so intertwined with the very concept of Bushido that it wouldn't work without it. This story only makes sense in Japan. It helps that it's also very smart about its subject, having its protagonist meticulously deconstruct the absurdity of their way of life, all the while still trapped in the system he reviles. The cinematography is of a rare quality, especially towards the end when the slow, contemplative duration of the film gives way to incredible sequences of action. Harakiri has definitely earned its reputation.