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  • Halloween



    You cannot kill the boogeyman – A well-built immortal knife-wielding brute, facelessly skulking here and there from corner to corner. Fear is unknown, a cryptic message yet to be solved. Watching this was like seeing something eerie unravel outside the window that you could not quite place your finger on. It’s 31st October night so what else could go astray? Jack-O-Lantern’s still freshly carved with candles lighting inside and The Thing from Another World is playing on TV with a…

  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    "Stop wincing!" 
    What a neck-bender, leg-cracker, arm-twister and bone-cruncher of a film. I told myself to calm down as I was constantly shooketh throughout the whole runtime of this action-packed fiesta. Acrobatic artisanship of body movements is gobsmacked by the supreme level of meat-headed fiendism. It is basically The Raid dousing in ten thousand gallons of gorific-palooza. The lighter the plot, the heavier the butchering, the more nauseating it becomes since human bodies are riotously tossed, cudgeled and rammed…

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  • Green Room

    Green Room


    This ain’t right for them. Punks vs Skinheads, who do you think will win? Red shoe-laced boys coming to take lives, rough-hewn machetes, cartridges loaded gun, dogs spewing chunks, cries, last-breathed moans, hoarse creaks and groans symphonized in the howling echoes of voracious killers and it’s definitely no place for the weak. Jab a rugged dose of pitch black humor into the thinly blue veins that run side by side with a booming beat of screwdriving punkcore, sternly shredding its…

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Because I wanted you to know.

    Right now, there's sorrow, pain. Don't kill it and with it the joy you've felt.

    At the age of 20, I'm still waiting & yearning for first love to arrive, and willing to let it sweep me far away. Crisp midday melancholy, name’s exchanged for name, your name is my name now. I’m yours and you’re mine. Seventeen, almost fully ripe. Another summer experience encapsulated. Take a first bite into the juicy peach and crush…