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  • Aquaman



    Aquaman looks like corn,” my cousin

    A galactic warfare sets under the deep sea of divine. Bombastically bonkers, balls to walls CGI skirmish with oceanic creatures colliding: crabs; giant robotic octopuses, rock lobsters, glowing jellyfish, seahorse riding Dolph Lundgren and hammershark-saddling Willem Dafoe. James Wan’s visual treat is garishly rendered but somewhat interesting enough to look at. Glossy, stupidly trashy like a cold declaration of apocalypse between ocean and land. Man of Steel’s bullet swim while the legendary leviathan, Karathen,…

  • Roma



    The sweeping brushstroke of the master, daubing on the canvas while the women gently weep. A celebration of womanhood, family and life, loss and love. It’s 2:30AM with a blanket wrapping around as I watch the raindrops drip, tip-tapping on my window pane. It’s been two hours and Roma just left me reeling in the glimpses of lilting sadness, reflectively looking out in the dark like how Cleo always looks out her window, lost in thoughts as the hailing rain…

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    “Nobody wants to help.”

    An unnatural work of self-critique from the notorious provocateur. Like thin sheets of paper declaring hellish concepts. The acts of murder serving as metaphors, with Lars von Trier demonstrating his own body of work meanwhile questioning himself about the ridiculousness of his narcissistic transgressions. Conflicting voices stirring in a man’s mind, reveling in philosophical ramblings about heaven and hell, architecture and engineering, artistic merits and atrocities committed. The House That Jack Built is an accumulation of…

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    “Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?”

    A biting cold like a sickle clasping onto him as he is busy looking for a place forever green. response from the deity means there is no love? Father Toller deserves all the love in the world just like Ethan Hawke deserves all the awards for this portrayal of an agonized soul bathing in wickedness. Please don’t make his sacrifice go off in vain. Somebody’s got to do something - The Academy, I’m looking right at you!