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This review may contain spoilers.

Round two against the Mad Titan.

The outcome to this superhero saga is still deliriously surreal, interchanging, undulating and flowing from sadness to euphoria. I was gripped by the ecstatic, preposterous, violent madcap dynamism that slowly set off like one monolithic time bomb, which then erupted to grant nothing but a pure bedazzling spectacle for the ages. Endgame is not perfect in any way, the plot doesn’t make sense, some can even argue that the narrative is bogged down by the over-reliance of fan services and mainly thriving on witty remarks. The thing is after you've realized its weakness or shortcomings, the characters are what help to pry your heart open. Each and every one of them has taken you through various nooks and corners of their journeys, through thick and thin. They light up this mournful world depleted of energy where half of all living creatures have been wiped out. Space, time travel, familial moments, unforgettable set pieces, enormous stakes, do-or-die determination, bittersweet tenderness, hysterical laughter as well as dribbles of tears are assembled together in a blender. I don’t think I’ll be able to experience anything like this - that brought a maddening jolt through my veins - anytime soon. How are they going to replicate this magic? The sight of Thicc Thor who went full Lebowski, the “That’s America Ass” comment, the sacrificial leap, the Mjolnir, last not least the tingles of the heart when bidding a final farewell. I don’t know what to say more but thank you, Marvel, for this wonderful love letter you’ve written. Thank you, the fallen heroes, I love you 3000.

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