BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

God bless white America.

Behind that mask is an intensely seething abyss and a labyrinth of vitriolic intent that pulls back no punches with its uncompromisingly hard-hitting indictment of our society - Bubbling, bubbling, bubbling rage - Mic drop and hearts stop when insufferable tensions are about to culminate in a furious mad-wave, which ultimately rises to clasp tightly onto our bones. Spike Lee has stood tall holding a mirror up at various real despicable events and bitingly reflects them directly at us, our psyches, telling to look no further than here. Satirically witty and riotously spoofy for a minute then turns sharply aching the next. Frustrations mound on top of resentment as the rough-edged veil of injustice steadily falls over many angered eyes, while the inane, decrepit mad men laugh, divide, debase and inhumanely vulgarize everything they see. Oh the sweet irony of making America great again! BlacKkKlansman is as timely as ever, even when it does not seem to balance its slight romantic subplot well with the rest but surely right after those rolling credits, the world is just never the same like it used to be. Lips were forcibly taped shut, weakly quivering a few words as I left the cinema staggered, shaken by such blood scalding devastation and the only thought that hit me was a mere question of what have we come to...


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