Captain Marvel ★★

“I’m not what you think I am.”

What I saw today did not give me the triumphant feelings I was hoping for, instead of having a chance to experience something fresh and thematically powerful, what had transpired in front of me was a formulaic picture made of half-hearted effort. The presentation is so bland and dull due to it being completely shrouded in a murky visual palette, without any distinctive style or substance to savor, that Vers’s photon blasting energy can barely even light up the screen. In contrast with her luminous appearance and ever-glowing fists, every aspect of Captain Marvel is sadly overlaid with a coat of mediocrity that has almost zero flair. Given the flimsy script, Brie Larson probably did everything she could to save us, not from the oppressive villains or galactic wars, but from tripping down the pit of disappointment. Anyhow, to see Carol learn more about her strength as a human being and a woman, just as she awakens her hidden power, is definitely a moment of awe-inspiring pleasure. It takes a long time for Carol Danvers to find the best version of herself, also by that point, I was desperately waiting for Lady Bird to make an entrance. I believe our Captain deserves better than this, but at least Goose the Cat was awesome.

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