Good Time

Good Time ★★★★

“I think something very important is happening and it's deeply connected to my purpose.”

Ready...Set...Go!!! The rapid foot-chase velocity propels toward a head-on impact, making Good Time sound more like a bad acid ride to hell. Police sirens are bellowing from two blocks away as the night bliss felt like a full collapse from the highest bungee jump in the world. Trippin’ balls on Sprite liquid, you see yourself falling out of the sky with the earth coming closer and closer. Desperation is mounded within Connie “Blondie” Nikas, whose foul magnetism has dragged our bodies along every step of the way under New York's flashing lights; Oneohtrix Point Never’s blaring electronica that get the blood fiendishly pumping and static television’s screen appearing through the windows, where the air of anxiety grimly emanated -

Things only begin to get worse from here with each obstacle starting to besmirch and plummeting its characters far down the dizzying depth. Robert Pattinson is explosive, as he excellently portrays a lowlife’s manic instability while drifting through one helluva neon-splattered odyssey, by tossing away his usual pretty boy charm in exchange for raggish looks, gawking eyes and nerve-racking agitation. Possessing such strong vibrancy of grungy urban aesthetics, the over-abundant use of closeups is not the only torturer here and so The Safdies have sent in numerous panic attacks through escalations of unforeseen stakes and cranky tensions, which all develop into something madly absurd then eventually whimper off on a quieter note. But ooh, I think I need to catch a breath before diving further into this hell-hole of a trip. Still Trippin’...

*breathing heavily*

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