Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★★½

Love, love will tear us apart, again...

Another sad love song from Wong. Another lonely movie.

"Lai Yiu Fai, can you cook something? I'm starving! I haven't eaten for two days!"

"Are you not human or what? You ask a sick man to cook for you?!"

Love is destructive as evidently shown in Po Wing and Yiu Fai relationship . A full loop of abuse and destruction. “We could start again.” Po Wing  repeated nonchalantly.

Depressing and contemplative, this is a winner from the “black sunglasses” master - delivering another aesthetically pleasing piece of cinema. Happy Together presents itself like a collage of the past filled with a hypnotic rumination of romance in a foreign land. Those shots that linger onto Yiu Fai's face (in slow-mo) while he is deep in thought is just sensually astonishing - heightening the level of alienation in the character. Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung both delivered raw emotional performances. The scene where they dance in the kitchen brought me tears and a flimsy hope for their doomed relationship. 

This is The Last Tango in Buenos Aires And now I’m dancing on my own ... Cucurrucucu Paloma.

The title is a lie.

P.S. Thank you for everything, Leslie.

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