Hereditary ★★★★½

I know it is an abyss without end, there is nowhere to go but fumble down the depthless depth. It's the type of family bonding with an icky buildup of anxieties as cruelties let loose on the dinner table. Love is not enough, but trust is the only solution. Hereditary is a long grieving process, with each character gets thrown into a sickening chamber of hell-firing torment, charged with psychological degradation and physical detachment, in which the horrific element is dressed up as a subtle display of apocalyptic terrorism. Drench in buckets of sweats, gasoline and heartbreaks, nihilism’s put on the forefront as if you were watching your loved ones being hacked to death and witnessing their broken heads roll in your direction, souls sucked from within yet you couldn't move. Beg the unmanageable trauma to go away but it will stay for the process of paimonization. Hail him, worship him. My mom thought it was purely a family drama when she saw it and she was right, "Well...that was heavy" marked her initial reaction since the devils are all in our heads, preying on our wretched flesh.

So Mother Suspiriorum, my soul is ready to be taken.

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