In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Whenever the rain comes, I'll be thinking of them. Under the golden streetlight, 0.01cm apart, two people were separated by an unseen barrier. The world fell away for a downpour. Chow and Su had found a reason to lean closer, enveloped in the shade of unfamiliar space and quietly held onto the suppressed emotions that welled up inside. Raindrops rubbed their salted wounds while their unfinished story, smiles and tears dribbled into the water underneath. There they yearned for each other with every droplet gently caressing their skin, her eyes red from crying. It was time to say goodbye. They never kissed, not once. Nothing but ache, nothing but lumps in the throat hence words weren’t enough to lick away the pain. I hear Quizas at the back of my mind, I see red, I see 2046, but I see no one inside. Memories are seen, felt yet untouched. Again it's raining, a serene fall as the soft pitter-patter of it feels like an unsung ballad of their affair…ringing a MOOD for something indistinct - A MOOD for love...a fleeting feeling.

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