In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Umpteenth viewing and still, I cannot grasp it. Maybe because there are things in this world that are simply too beautiful to be seized and grasped in the hands of mere mortals. So all that you can do to attain beauty is to yearn - Bearing in mind you’re only allowed to look, instead of touch. You yearn to get closer to whatever makes your heart flutter, to stay longer with it. Beauty is slippery and elusive. Love is beauty at its most abstract, therefore it is, inevitably, slippery. After all these times, regardless of how I try to catch hold of the narrative beats, In The Mood for Love always slips through my fingers the way love slips through Chow and Su. There is nothing I can do besides helplessly watching Tony Leung whisper his secrets into the ears of a tree in Cambodia with a futile hope that they forever stay on this earth and never leave. I will have to come back another time.

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