Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★★

My name is Jef...

A dashingly cool piece of cinema that has influenced Walter Hill's The Driver, Refn's Drive and John Woo's flicks (just to name a few here) . As a great foundation of film noir, Le Samourai has a stoic, "man of few words" protagonist whose only goal is to get the job done with utmost precision. Later on, he's caught up between the witnesses and the cops yet he never falters. Besides his lover, he seems to be isolated from the society. He's quiet, maybe too quiet and the flow between these silent moments certainly helps the sound design to intensify the aura of uneasiness in the film's progression. Alain Delon oozes coolness through his performance as Jef the Hitman, sending chills to the audience every time he starts speaking. The script is "airtight" and the direction from Jean-Pierre Melville ... just impeccable. He directed this film with deftness, cold and calculating as a hitman himself. No shot is wasted here and every scene is a joy to look at.

And there's the ending which I did not see coming!

Being a hitman is hard but I think picking the right key is even harder.

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