Midsommar ★★★★

"Do you feel held by him? Does he feel like home to you?”

Psychedelic rock tune for the broken-hearted. I applaud the nerve of A24 when they gleefully decided to widely distribute this gnarly 2.5 hours of baroque horror to the general public and let them witness some kind of horrific pastel-hued nightmare strewn out as glistening viscera burst through of the screen. I admire Midsommar mainly for Ari Aster’s ambition and his adeptness in taking a slender Hostelesque slasher storyline and festoon it with grief-laden emotions, meandering drug-fueled visual distension burdened with butt-clenching humor and graphic (borderline gratuitous) imagery of gore and nakies. It is less about the in-your-face scare tactics but more about the personal attempt to purge oneself from the painful weight of an unreciprocated relationship and find somebody who, empathetically, can help to carry said pain, while the sinister pagan folktale serves as a backdrop. What it all amounts to is a midsummer’s floral euphoria of idiotic decisions, communal manias and grizzly terror functioning as a oneiric conduit for agony and levity. Take a bite into that pie; take a sip of that juice - Highly recommended pre/post-breakup viewing experience for every couple out there. SKÅL! 🌸 🐻

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