My Blood & Bones in A Flowing Galaxy

My Blood & Bones in A Flowing Galaxy ★★★★

“Do heroes need a reason to be heroes?”

While reading the synopsis for this movie, you’d probably think (or at least I did) that this is just a story about a hero-wannabe guy with heightened savior complex befriending a bullied girl and he saves her and slowly they fall in love. Well, this movie is a lot more than that and it goes to places that you wouldn’t think were possible. SABU’s new film is an emotional/harrowing journey that examines the beauty of friendship with heartbreaking characters who are so alive and compassionate that will make you want to tear through the screen and embrace them. The movie is...a lot for sure and it wrung me out, many times, before lifting me back up again. One of the best discoveries of the year without a doubt.