My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★½

Tonari no To to ro Totoro To to ro Totoro
Tsukiyo no ban ni Okarina fuiteru
Tonari no To to ro Totoro To to ro Totoro
Moshimo aeta nara Sutekina shiawase ga
Anata ni kuru wa🎵

Oh wait a minute, was that a twelve-legged Cat Bus...?

Glided across the evening sky, jump onto the green high hill, no prevailing darkness, the moon and stars rejoice in a magically haunted world with benign spirits. Delicacy is rendered through the country’s farmland where vivid unbridled imaginations swallow everything near its path. Kids see ghosts as soot sprites tit-tattering away, “awwwww” cute creatures hopping up and down that is until they come across their adorably hulking neighbor in the forest. Heads tilt while bodies are curled up on its furry tummy for a long straight comfy nap. No plot, no antagonists, no tragedy strikes whatsoever yet miraculously, it manages to bring out so much emotions for gushing feels and as the night drizzles, Totoro’s big lovable grins ripple through my chest. Let the joy bask as you bathe under the baby-blue candy dome of children’s innocence; endless amount of whimsical jubilation and billowing gulls that capture ethereal and charming awe like when you stick your tongue out waiting for the rain to tumble, just so you can lick those drops for the first time with absolute contentment. Oh, such benevolent wonders of childhood, I wish I could stay there longer but it ended too soon. となりのトトロ, you have softened the day’s heart.

“Do you like spirits, mommy? Even fuzzy ones?”

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