Personal Shopper ★★★★

Which world would you rather be in? The spiritual world, the digital world or the physical world? The physical world needs a signal from the spiritual realm to cope with loss and these two worlds are both married to the digital – Kristen Stewart finds herself texting to an unknown number, of either a ghost or a real person, as she becomes "lost" in her little iPhone in a train full of people – meanwhile, reality is up in smoke. Personal Shopper brought on a feeling that there was a shadow creeping in the corner of the room, due to intense grief, the mind had no choice but to make peace with pain by dulling the vision into seeing a glowing, yet somewhat indistinct, ectoplasmic presence hovering above empty space. It is either that or ghosts really do exist and in the spirit world, they use iMessage. If people say Kristen Stewart cannot act, I’ll shove this into their faces. A beautiful, albeit lonesome, film.