Pokémon Detective Pikachu ★★½

*Do you think Pikachu is adorable? Psyduck says “hold my beer.”

*Pikachu sings the Pokémon’s theme!!!

*Kathryn Newton!!!

A semi-potent dosage of nostalgia, with a ton of cheese and tremendous visual look – an amalgamation of first-rate animated textures and “real world’s” neo-noir aesthetics that is both bizarrely and splendidly rendered. Not great by any means, but it’s borderline impossible not to fall for these Pokémon. I mean, c’ mon, take a look at them!!! Mostly everything about it is really cute but uhmm...not Ryan Reynolds’s voice.
Pika-pi, Pikachu?! Pika, pika, pika, pika, pikaaaa, pikachooooooo. Pika, pika, Pika-pi? Pika-piiiiii…Pika, pika? *electric shocks* PIKA!!!