Raw ★★★★½

Still delicious as ever.

Raw is an extraordinary journey to womanhood. It's a beautifully commentary about teen angst, rebellion, violence and eroticism all meshed together to become one twisted metamorphosis of a soul. People have walked out on this one and that still bothers me. They have missed something very special about Raw........ and the condition of a human body.

Julia Ducournau's metaphorical vision of a teenage girl blossoming into a woman is nothing short of spectacular. Everything is depicted with hard-hitting, sensory details of animals dying, painted bodies, carnal obsession and blood. Her craftmanship is shown through the layered symbolism and grotesque imagery of Justine's revolting transformation into a monster. But is she really a monster though? Raw is more than your average shock factor but an acute representation of emotional and sexual repression. Cannibalism has never been more "real" and tender than this one.

Justine is afraid of the debased desire within her intrinsic nature. More specifically, she's afraid of turning into something else, just like us being afraid of changes when entering adulthood. Raw is luscious yet even a putrid piece of meat that will provoke a strong reaction from you. However, I implore you to taste it, maybe you'll love it as well. It is, without a doubt, finger licking good.

* The enraptured score and that ending ate my soul away.

 "I'm sure you'll find a solution, honey"

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