Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★½

“Have I told you all about the time
 that I got sucked into a hole through a hand held device?”

Some random lyrics from Arctic Monkeys Batphone :)

The live-action adaptation does not disappoint fanboys with the typical cringy high school one-liners and Spielbergian eyegasmic set pieces. About 10-15 minutes into the film, you get pretty much a wonderfully staged chase sequence that pushes itself into a ballistic nerdgasm of a wet dream. Forget about the DeLorean, the red Akira Bike is the one to remember – dashing its way through the discombobulated destruction of a battlefield with lots of flashy CGI and big explosions. For a brief moment of high octane power speed, the movie then slips out of its glorious vehicular engine and struggles to climb back up. Real human characters feel like one dimensional hologram of their true selves, inconsequentially developed as if they were made out of plastic. RPO often tries too hard to indulge itself in a half baked cautionary tale of modern technology’s consumption that wholly disconnects us from the advanced society. The underwhelming shallowness in the build up with no proper tension makes this one a hollow escapism with nothing at stake.

John Hughes teeny vibes are there. Boy meets his crush then wins over her, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back. Cheesy as it may sound but I am a sucker for this. Ready Player One is not a downright awful movie, in fact, it has a decent amount of eye popping fun like an awesome Ellen Ripley’s gun blasting through one’s optic nerve. Iron “The Terminator” Giant, Halo Boys running wild, Ninja Turtles spinning round, blink-then-you miss cameos, kamehameha, manipulative 80s boom box music throwback…What else ? A nerd like me can only mumble ore wa Gundam de iku” …. While simultaneously wanting to unplug from this bombastic construction of a future world.

Game over, man. Game over! 

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