The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★


Cunning foreplay, flaunting body language on a pedestal. Clandestine lovers hiding their knives from behind. The Favourite's a triangular bedchamber conflict moving with a kinky serpentine slink for lustful intimacy and royal domination. An irascible, unsuitable monarch (queenie Colman) yearning for care and attention, whose tragedy had sown throughout her life. She is often childish but not without a sense of pathos - Her unrelenting misery is palpable as she grieves for her 17 “children”. When the two Ladies (Emma vs Rachel) set the chain in motion, lies are taunting until they become damned, humiliated. Lavish settings, banquet tables filled with foods and drinks while rage is silently pent up just as wicked jokes are unabashedly launched. You have to love the rabbits, love the fastest duck Horatio but laugh at the foolish clowns in wigs, wearing lipstick. Not the best work from Yorgos, but still never less cruel, although he's not the real devil in this twisty exploitation. Kudos to the women so wait until you get crushed under the Queen’s heel. Awe-struck, dumbstruck, star-struck and 100% cunt-struck.

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