The Master

The Master ★★★★½

What is The Master about?

*Eyes closed*

Uhm…Joaquin Phoenix fucks the sand, gets drunk and wanders around from one place to another. Then everyone in the movie starts mumbling some mumbo jumbo that doesn’t make much sense. The ocean waves violently clamber, as the cinematography feels so sensuously pristine that you can smell the salty air from afar. The camera shines on those facial contortions, with tears rolling down in acute emotional pain. A fit of torment, an outburst of rage, a contrast of fury and tranquility between the master and his loyal servant inside the prison cells – the emphasis is on the notion of whether "man" is, in fact, an animal. A mysterious phone call to the cinema, an elegiac harmony of Slow Boat to China. The Master is just like the sea, ruthless but peaceful, haunting but strangely calm.

*Eyes opened”

I have no idea what it’s really about.

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