The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

You know, you really don't need a forensics team to get to the bottom of this. If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you'd have invented Facebook.

Words spewed like machine gun firing on all cylinders. Kinetic conversations that felt like switchblade’s lacerations, cutting deep gashes. Backstabbers, double-crossers, driving ambitions and unbridled ingenuity lead to tragedy and whiplashed consequences. Camaraderie is wounded, friends become foes, hanging by a thread, recriminated one another through the godly internet invention that eternally shaped the entire generation. A symphonic concoction of writing, acting and razor-edged direction – A bitter mixture that I would gracefully knock down, gulp it dry ‘til I die. 

The King’s Speech whom? This is a biopic for the ages. Legal battles play out sporadically yet so soothing; smoothly intertwine with masterfully edited flashbacks. Bon homie’s nature turns pungently acidic and resentful condescension overwhelms every frame. Youthful tenacity only leads to unfortunate fallouts and David Fincher is a maestro of mood and timing - Deliberately setting out explosive kegs under the college domes; orchestrating an immaculate vision that still rings true to our technological day and age. The Zucc Must Succ! Jesse’s Eisenberg is showstopping as Mark – spitting, tuning words like music without any second thoughts; a maddening genius, a hero and an A-hole who is so achingly sympathetic. Aaron Sorkin’s adrenaline fueled dialogue flies high, like a jabbing shot into the veins with all actors gnawing up their scenes so effortlessly. A fascinating back and forth tug of war, breathlessly swaggered with youngblood’s energy that also leaves room for deep rumination on youth culture and human bonding. Mark’s blankly staring outside, why is life so lonely and loosened ? 

“It’s raining.”

A perfect film on every technical level, dare I say. Tell me what’s better than hearing Rooney Mara’s cold rejection, having two 6ft5 Armies teaming up, naive Anastasia, douché JT and Garfield’s Saverin being a heart-breaker, sadly diluted into fugazi nothingness? Nothing…Absolutely nothing. Or maybe 0.03%

Zuckerberg’s eyes are soulless, repeatedly pressing that refresh button just so he can finally connect. Social Networking is a piercing irony, are we truly connected? No answer’s given, yet we all know that his “video game” has forever changed the world, for better or worse. 
Haunting, just haunting...

I Don’t Belong Here 🎵

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