There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

"I have a competition in me. I want no-one else to succeed. I hate most people."

The world of monsters seen through the eyes of a greedy bastard, with hatred being put on the forefront as it gives enough room for intense selfish desire to enlarge inside these parcels of flesh, until the mutual animosity (esp. between Eli and Daniel) oozes itself inside out in the act of violence, bringing a hot rush of blood that trickles through every opening and spurts like thick black oil that frantically bleeds from the ground. Similar to the oilman, Plainview, There Will Be Blood brings about a miasma of death and ruination to everywhere it goes but not without a melancholic note embedded within it – Loneliness, physical degradation to the complete drainage of lively existences – and enveloped by the primal sounds of percussive instruments that throb the very soul. The meaningless cycle of avarice and its ferocity all accumulate to a horrific truth of capitalism, which makes for a cynical delineation of a world in damnation. PTA has generated a bomb that fulminates in a flurry of emotional onslaughts, with each character being subjected to the call of wealth and vanity to an extent that it swallows up their last bits of humanity. What we've got after that is a comic farce of the afterworld – a bludgeoned head, a purposeless vison, an empty glass of milkshake as if prompting … we are finished and one step closer to the rung of apocalyptic hell.

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