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  • Salaam Bombay!
  • Rumble Fish
  • The Virgin Spring

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  • Spotlight



    Remembered loving this movie back in 2015 until it won Best Picture. I was on The Revenant wave then, it was clearly the motion picture achievement of the year at the time (still love that movie but it’s clear that films such as Sicario, Steve Jobs, and The Hateful Eight were snubbed. I would say The Witch but the Academy always snubs A24), so Spotlight felt like the odd and underwhelming choice. Looking back however, they absolutely got it right. The Big…

  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    Devastating. Didn’t think the saddest of the trilogy would end up being my favorite, but I think Kryzystof Kieslowski hit it out of the park with the first entry, combining emotional depth with a subdued but powerful use of the color blue. Ironically, Julie Delpy is who finally convinced me to check these films off my watchlist, and while I see why White is considered the weakest, I wasn’t expecting the brilliant farce and its accessibility. My point is, each of…

Popular reviews

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Unbelievably disappointing. Like many, I had the highest of hopes, as its glorious trailer made it out to be The Lord of the Rings meets Guillermo Del Toro, but I couldn’t have been more painfully wrong if I had tried. I don’t know much about the story it’s adapted from so I can’t comment on how accurate this version is historically or what they changed, all I’m looking at is how it works as a narrative film. Let’s get the only positive…

  • Spencer



    A film I was so desperate to immerse myself in but couldn’t due to elements that should’ve worked in its favor. Spencer’s magical realism was supposed to be a portal into Princess Diana’s psyche, instead it applies fog to the central plot and makes it a story of her losing her marbles (in a way, quite literally) when the strongest parts of the film were her playing with her young sons at the time, Prince William and Prince Harry. Similar to…