Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up

The Adam McKay hate train seems to be full at this point, and me bashing on something because it’s popular isn’t my thing, so I’ll say this: I’ve liked every piece of media the man has made up until this point (even Anchorman 2 had its moments). I do think his strengths as a filmmaker are as a collaborator and/or producer, which is basically when he’s enhancing another artist’s work is when he truly shines. It’s why Will Ferrell performed some of his best work under his direction and Jesse Armstrong has been able the create the perfect fusion of comedy and tragedy with Succession (Team Kendall baby). The cast is ridiculously stacked, and it distracts viewers from the point (why do you think Leo signed on, to hang out with J Law? It’s about climate change, damn it). 

Before diving into these cringe inducing performances (I get that it’s supposed to be cringey, but The Big Short and Vice’s cringe humor work because its rooted in hardcore reality), let’s discuss the ridiculous length and structure, shall we? Calling movies too long tends to be a weak example of criticism, but did this need to be only a few minutes shorter than The Last Duel (at least that film has the medieval epic thing going for it)? It’s all over the place too, with the big moment happening too soon followed by filler, that’s right, not just a forgettable scene but FILLER, just straight up deleted scene material. The Cudi/Grande song is headache inducing, which is sad because of how wonderful the latter artist is. Also, I love Nicholas Britell, particularly his work on Succession, but I found the main theme aggravatingly annoying here.

Leonardo DiCaprio is considered one of the best actors in the world and this film is a prime example why, he keeps this superstar vehicle watchable for far too long than it should’ve (realistically we’d all turn this off after the Blanchett/Perry news outburst scene). His freak out is an homage to Network, and the entire freaking movie is just goofy Dr. Strangelove (Leo pulling a Peter Sellers and playing the President would’ve been cooler). Several insufferable characters, Mark Rylance being the most egregious (again, I get that that’s the point but it’s so damn IRRITATING). I will say that the epilogue is hysterical and easily the best scene. It’s an unfunny comedy, and that’s the biggest sin of all. Apologies for the long ass review. I will now light myself on fire.

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