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  • Love Letters

    Love Letters

    Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother dies, and when sorting out her things, she stumbles upon some love letters between her mother and someone definitely not her father. A deep love affair that occurred over a decade ago. This combination of grief and confusion send her into the arms of an older married man who she herself begins having an affair with. This is a messy film about the kind of reckless, passionate love we experience in our twenties that feels exciting…

  • Mank


    Well, it had to happen one day. A David Fincher film that disappoints me. There was something off about this one from the start. The quiet Netflix release that somehow felt smaller than other auteur-driven streaming releases like The Irishman and Marriage Story, combined with the fact that due to a national lockdown, I wasn’t able to see this at a cinema. Sitting down to watch the brand new Fincher film at home just felt wrong, though perhaps it’s apt…

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  • Melancholia



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Von Trier apparently got the idea for this film while battling depression and he definitely nails that feeling with the character of Justine. During the first half of the film, the wedding, her own wedding, the happiest day of their lives for most people, she forces out toothy grins and fakes happiness ("I smile, and I smile, and I smile") but in the end can't fake it any longer. She leaves her wedding to put her nephew to bed, to…

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    - Boy, these people seem suspicious
    - Oh, turns out those suspicions were all valid
    - The end.

    What do you expect when you invite the zodiac killer to your dinner party???