Certain Women ★★★★

Reichardt films are often tricky for me to write about. Sure I could get all analytical and praise the formalism or compliment the acting, but her films always go beyond the technical and summon much more visceral reactions. Here’s a film where I felt totally cosy and at ease watching it, completely absorbed within the world Reichardt created, and yet at the same time just wanting to give everyone in the film a hug and tell them it’s going to be ok. She always manages to build a world that feels totally real; where nothing rises above a whisper and everyone sort of keeps to themselves. Sometimes in films characters can be a little too confident and talkative despite being designed to be lonely souls, but here everyone feels like an introvert forced out into the open and not fully comfortable with it. Everything is very unassuming, like a river gently flowing along at its own pace in the middle of nowhere. There might be wider themes to tackle that Reichardt briefly explores especially in the first two stories, but that’ll have to wait for another viewing as this turned out to be the quintessential Reichardt experience; like a sad lullaby whispered in your ear from a hidden part of the world.

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