Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Nothing to add that’s not already been said. The only interesting thing I can chime in with is a true anecdote: Back in high school I was walking home and saw a discarded out-of-case DVD on the pavement. The film? Mulholland Drive, all scratched and fucked up. At this point I doubt I’d seen a Lynch film so it was only in hindsight that the fact I found this so incongruously was in itself very Lynchian. It wasn’t quite finding a discarded human ear, and as interesting as that would have been I got something a lot better. Despite being scratched to shit, and probably deliberately tossed out of a car window or something by someone who found the film too impenetrable, the DVD worked perfectly and young naïve Kurdt got his first taste of Lynch. Admittedly at the time I couldn’t follow it, which upon subsequent viewings seems kind of surprising since although it’s definitely complex, its only the final part where things get really mind bending. I recall telling people I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but I definitely appreciated it. I was probably too scarred by the scene with the guy in the back of Winkie’s to truly enjoy it that first viewing, since for the rest of the film I was just begging he wouldn’t turn up again. Hopefully someday I can write a somewhat interesting longform piece much like the one I did for Eyes Wide Shut last Christmas, since this is the same sort of film begging to have every frame analysed. Until then, I’m content with humming ‘I’ve Told Every Little Star’ to people eerily. Don’t you just love it when previously innocuous pop songs are recontextualised and made horribly creepy by cinema? (‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’ in Zodiac, Blue Velvet etc.)

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