Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★½

Here we go again, another Godard film I like but don't love. Will I ever find anything to rival my adoration of Vivre Sa Vie?

There's no denying this is downright cool. It looks beautiful, it plays with film form like most of Godard's early work, I love the opening scenes with Ferdinand amongst shallow imbeciles that are practically walking advertisements at a party. He tries to have a philosophical discussion and ends his monologue with the line "I feel like I'm many different people", to which his dumbfounded listeners reply "you talk too much." The extravagant primary colours that later blend into the background and frame the film in a French-flag daze. Anna motherfucking Karina, possibly the only woman who's eyes can cause the audience's brain to shut down when she stares directly into the camera. Cars get blown up and driven into lakes. Gunfights, smoking looking cool, a crazy ending.

All that, and I still felt a bit cold once the credits rolled. Maybe I wanted a bit more to chew on, as I felt this was more straightforward Godard than a lot of his other work (or maybe not, I probably didn't pick up on 90% of subtext.) It felt more narrative-based, and a bit like Breathless I kind of hoped for a little more. But then again I'm the guy who really digs A Woman Is A Woman and that's easily Godard's most superficial, throwaway film so what am I even talking about?

Maybe I'll come back to this at some point and love it. I hope so because I really wanted to love it but no dice. Sigh.

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