Speaking Parts

Speaking Parts ★★★★½

Egoyan’s best film; a pretty stunning meditation on relationships in relation to the image, the weird unreality of video interlacing with true life, and the inherent power of the false when rendered physical and tangible. The film exists in this state of wall-to-wall images— from the video store, to the conference calls, to the archived tapes. Every character exists in relation to screens, with their pasts, present and future all depending on them in some way. The disquieting atmosphere is Lynchian before the term became so ubiquitous in film language, as the central characters gradually converge and snippets of subtle clues interlace into dialogue and action. At one point a character states “there is nothing special about words”, which proves to be true once Egoyan pulls off an incredible ending that changes everything solely through images and the relationship he inimitably built between them and us during the previous 90 minutes. A perfect addition to this list I just made about the “analogue anxiety” of videotapes on film.

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