Win It All

Win It All ★★★★

Swanberg, never stop doing your thang, man. Joe finishes off his Jake Johnson Trilogy with potentially his highest stakes film ever. Yes, there are actually stakes in a Swanberg film. There’s tension, even. I didn’t think it was possible either. Swanberg’s films usually follow meandering, directionless characters and there’s not much of a difference here but I love Eddie’s desire to change and better himself, it’s intriguing to see someone take the right steps in reversing the self-inflicted dumb shit in their life and still wind up kinda fucked. The world forces him back into bad habits, he fights back since he finally has something to actually fight for, it’s great. Jake Johnson is probably the best sad-sack yet likeable guy around right now. Can we make it a tetralogy please?

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