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  • The Other Final

    The Other Final


    Feeling down coz your team got knocked out of the World Cup semi final?
    Why not try watching "The Other Final"?
    In just one 79 minute viewing you'll regain your love for football while you shed unwanted fatalism!

    I first watched it in 2003 in a documentary showcase on Canadian TV (either The Passionate Eye or The View From Here) and fell in love with it immediately. I rewatched it tonight on youtube because I'd been urging a friend to…

  • Matthews



    Lovely sweet and surprising doc about the great Sir Stanley Matthews.
    Gorgeous photography elevates what might be otherwise mundane documentary moments such as the recreations of Stan's training regimen on the seaside in Blackpool or close ups of the beautiful memorial statue in Stoke.
    And with all good docs about things you think you already know, there's a whole 'nother story I learned about his life after retirement teaching football to kids in Soweto and the legacy he leaves behind.
    Oh and of course there's loads of original news reel footage of him bamboozling all comers with his speed and skill which still looks amazing.

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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Visually marvellous!
    ...and now a more expanded 'review' after having slept on it...

    Saw this with my Ltrbxd comrade, LaserDisc and we very much enjoyed it.
    I was originally supposed to see it with my wife and son but plans changed and I saw it a couple days after they did. They were nice enough not to tell me anything other than how much they loved it - apparently he sat leaning forward on the edge of his seat and…

  • Love, Simon

    Love, Simon


    Why yes I am crying. And so are you.

    - the longer review -

    After finishing up a long morning of appointments and having the rest of the day off of school I asked my 13 year old boy:
    "Do you still wanna see Love, Simon?"
    "Yeah, why not?"
    "Well we could go right now and see it at 12:45 or there's another at 2..."
    "It's probably better to go now and do the first one."
    "Ok then, perfect."