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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.


(More on that later...)

Now it's later and sadly I can't figure out how to do any kind of review without any kind of spoiler - so sorry!

Two days have passed and I have cooled down a bit and adjusted my rating down to 4.5 stars.
Which is pretty much down to the fact that the inherent nature of Endgame's time travel plot means there's gonna be a few little niggly things that either feel like loose ends or holes.
And it's kinda like Return Of The King in that its very big and huge and things wrap up and it's a 'happy' ending whereas I really much prefer the slightly less big and huge Fellowship of the Ring with the downbeat ending.

But oh man that was worth the wait just to see everyone re-emerge and face off in the biggest greatest superhero battle ever.
And everyone is great in this. EVERYONE.
But especially Brolin. And Evans. And Downey Jr. And Johansson. And Renner.

Fave moment: Cap IS worthy.

Surprise runner-up fave moment: Pepper Potts in battle armour - F*** YEAH!

Lingering Time Travel Headscratcher #1 : Since it was pre-Infinity War Thanos that gets snapped out of existence by Iron Man, doesn't that mean he NEVER got to use the infinity stones and therefore no one died and we should have Loki and Vision back? Coz dammit we should have Loki and Vision back!!
Lingering Time Travel Headscratcher #2 : If Steve Rogers stays in the past with Peggy (awwww, sniff, sob... - hurray! ), doesn't he then exist simultaneously with himself and interact with history thus breaking the time code thingee or is it just my mind that breaks. gaaaaaah.

anyhoo, breathe and just relax, it's friggin' awesome

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