Manos: The Hands of Fate

Manos: The Hands of Fate ½

And I Only Am Escaped To Tell Thee…
TheMads livestream riff was great on its own but the Q&A with Jackey Neyman Jones afterward was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!

The Mads Are Back rating ****

Favourite riffs include:

This is like a video game designed by Samuel Beckett

Make-Out Squad - in Color!

So these were the good, usable takes?

I love coming here to dry hump canyon 

When he flaps his arms does he make a clapping sound?

Spare the child. Spoil the plot.

Is the break over. Are we filming again?

Pppreesent and accounted for Sir!

Is Manos the “Mitch and Murray” of this story?

Existential Void Patrolmen - Tuesdays this Fall!

The premiere of the movie is the first known use of the phrase What the fuck

No one puts the top down in Texas, that would be admitting defeat

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