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"The Edge of Seventeen" opens with a very anxious Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) rushing through the school halls. She enters a classroom, empty except for one unsuspecting teacher (Woody Harrelson) enjoying his lunch and sits down and sayd "Look, I don't want to take up a ton of your time but I'm going to kill myself."
How this dramatic opening line then moves into a really well done, edgy but entertaining and enlightening coming of age comedy I leave for you to discover.

As a fella in his late forties, I feel like I have to ask - are we currently in a particularly good period for films about young women coming of age?
I mean a good period for quality, not necessarily quantity - and maybe not necessarily even for quantity of quality - but still...

Over the past few years I've watched and been absolutely floored by films like "Precious" (2009), "The Florida Project" (2017), "Temple Grandin" (2010), "Moonrise Kingdom" (2010) "Mary and Max" (2009), "Inside Out" (2015), "T-Rex" (2015), "Best and Most Beautiful Things" (2016) and I'll throw in one I saw on opening night, "True Grit" (2010). Each very different in their approach and their subject, but all in my opinion excellent and deeply moving.
Just this past weekend I watched two more recent releases, the wonderful "Lady Bird" and now "The Edge Of Seventeen".

The tone of "Edge of Seventeen" is more edgy, more provocative than "Lady Bird".
Although it's definitely a comedy there is an rebellious anger in it, an underlying danger watching Nadine navigate teenage life.

The writing and direction by Kelly Fremon Craig are superb - and this is her directorial debut film by the way - as is the editing by Tracy Wadmore Smith.
The performances are all excellent, especially Hailee Steinfeld, Hayden Szeto, Blake Jenner and Woody Harrelson.

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