Two Headed Cow ★★★½

Back in my final year of high school, I had me a ticket to see The Cramps in Toronto on their Stay Sick tour and the day of the show I sold it to someone else.
The reason for this incredibly woeful lack of judgement and taste remains lost in the mists of time. Perhaps the sheer magnitude of the inexplicability of this grossly unjustifiable decision has forcefully repressed the 'reason' deep down into my subconscious and there may it well rot. But I digress...
The next day at school in between kicking myself for passing up on The Cramps I asked my friends how the show was - it was awesome of course, duh!
And when I asked who opened they told me - Flat Duo Jets... and I proceeded to kick myself extra hard for the next 29 years.
Only a short while before that moment I discovered Flat Duo Jets' kick ass tune 'Crazy Hazy Kisses' on Much Music's City Limits and the Much Movie presentation of the film "Athens Ga. Inside/Out" and was immediately a fan.
A couple years after not seeing them open for The Cramps I picked up their album Go Go Harlem Baby and those songs have hardly taken a break from being played in my vicinity to this very day.

Two-Headed Cow is a documentary about Dexter Romweber, vocalist and guitarist of Flat Duo Jets. As much as this documentary is about a musician and his music it is also very much about addiction and mental illness. The film itself is pretty raw and unrefined which kind of makes it even harder to sit through if you're not at some point in the proceedings committed to Dexter's music or the man himself.
And if you're wondering what is the significance of the film's title, all is revealed at the end in what I felt was a surprisingly poignant and stirring moment with young Dexter and the Jets improvising in a weird little store.

footnote 1 - I did manage to see The Cramps the next time they came to Toronto and Rev Horton Heat opened... so, at least there was that.
footnote 2 - two days ago I saw a rather attractive woman wearing a totally wicked Cramps t-shirt which reminded me that I really really miss them.