• Beanpole


    Done with men obsessively making films about traumatized women which in their limited vision can only be hysteria, emotionally unstability, and some kind of vague lesbian erotic tension. In his attempt to make some kind of sympathetic story about two women and endurance he actually makes his hateful vision on women more clear. The list goes on and on Von Trier, Almodovar, Lynch, Bergman, Aranofsky (Sorry to take down the "Big Guys" but stop putting lesbians in films if a)…

  • Our Time

    Our Time

    narcissism at it worst, self indulgence at its best
    reygadas mansplaining his wife's feeling back to her like she has no agency
    shots of trees and bulls interweaved with an empty story as a weak attempt to reach some sort of pseudo-existentialism

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems

    Ridiculous movie made by two spoilt NY kids who didn't get to play enough with their toy guns when they were young. Easy sell cinematography as everyone is a sucker for cool neon lights. Toxic masculinity placed in the age-old "dad didn't come to the schoolplay" cliche. Anti-feminist, either the woman is a slut or a stuck up bitch Racist as white guilt kicks in, tries to say something shallow about greed on the backs of Ethiopian working conditions. Thanks but no thanks.