Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise ★★★★★

Deciding to watch a film about a romance that originated from riding public transit is a questionable decision in the middle of a pandemic. But don’t let that stop you because this was arguably the best thing I’ve watched in quarantine. Jesse has a monologue in the third act where he talks about self-hatred and how so many people hate themselves because they’re stuck with their mannerisms all the time, “I’ve never been out bowling if I wasn’t there, ya know, making some stupid joke.”

I wouldn’t go as far to say I agree with that sentiment but I’m obsessed with how it’s making a greater point of understanding why love is so blinding. There’s that first split-second of time where your connection with someone is fully realized and it’s like the greatest, most indescribable high in the world. Any form of logic goes right out the door. This film captures the beginning of that feeling in a listening booth and rides it out for another hour without losing any spice. The filmmaking here is just as indescribably magical as that first feeling with someone.

Not to say watching this movie is ever going to come close to being with someone, I’m not THAT lonely. But like I said, this was actually a great quarantine watch because for the first time in 3 months, as Jesse put it, “it’s made me feel like I was somebody else.”

Also love how I unintentionally watched this on June 16th. Fuck yeah, Karsten!