Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★

corny, self-important, out of touch, too long, underuses every actor besides jonah hill, and the absolute worst editing i’ve seen all year…possibly all decade. there’s no chance in hell this wasn’t a rough cut!!! sorry, i’m usually picky with any editing but thiiiiiiiiiiis….oh Brother this guy stinks!!

the ariana grande thing and the “memes” made me wanna gouge my eyes out. but i was entertained? like vice, this gets worse the more i think about it, and i don’t see what purpose it serves other than giving adam mckay an outlet to let off some steam (and to give other people like adam mckay (the boomer facebook crowd) something to watch and go “YEAH THAT REALLY IS HOW IT IS, ISN’T IT”). but again, it held my attention. and i can tell by the aggressive and unapologetic corniness going on here that it’ll be borderline therapeutic to a certain crowd, and i think that justifies the film…existing? which is sort of how i felt about vice too, but i think this is a much better example. feels a hell of a lot more necessary than vice did. ignore my vice rating that’s a different conversation. my point is… if you’re out here in your review stretching as hard as you can to come up with a REASON for a film to exist in the first place, maybe it isn’t the best movie. and seriously, what on earth could the editing be achieving? sheesh

but in the moment, i didn’t have the worst time watching this. it was even kind of funny some of the time. nicholas britell has proven yet again that he is good as fuck at Music. just unfortunate that the only true takeaway i have, for a movie that is BEGGING you to have a big, wild takeaway, is that jonah hill should be in succession.

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