El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

El Camino didn't need to happen, plain and simple. As fragile as this was, I still stand by that, the finale to Breaking Bad was perfect. BUT, this by no means ruined anything. Jesse was always my favorite character, still is, so to see 2 hours of his world was already going to be fascinating. Up until those last 20 minutes I'll be honest, it just feels like catch up so that we can get what's in those scenes. But it's those last scenes that makes this not feel like a waste of time. They really made up for it. I'm just rambling at this point. **SPOILERS** the shot of....Jane....destroyed me. The chills I got...ugh. That relationship was also probably my favorite aspect of the entire series so for it to get a wrap up was special. The Walt appearance was totally necessary and it added so much but I'm not ready to get into that. I don't know, I'm seeing it in a theatre tomorrow. I really like Breaking Bad. Love you Vince <3

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