Hardcore ★★★★

Being that it’s 2:30am and this is my second Paul Schrader film of the night I’d much rather sleep on this and try to write something in depth in the morning. On the other hand I’m not gonna be able to sleep if I don’t get some sort of thoughts out there now. More terrifying than it is thought-provoking, oh look I’m already contradicting myself. The subtlety I’ve come to expect from Schrader’s critique(?) on religion was non-existent here. Not to say I didn’t enjoy how direct it was, from reading some other reviews I’m not alone in saying the TULIP scene was grrrreat. But all of this isn’t to say this is a bad movie, the slow descent into madness that I love so much about his work is very present here. I too was overwhelmed when I first went to LA! But for different reasons!