Leaving Neverland

Part 2, final thoughts:
I seriously cannot wrap my head around the idea of not believing these men. My anger towards this is so much greater than it would have been had I seen this at Sundance because just seeing the reactions to this documentary prove how much progress needs to be made. Somebody'll probably comment on this like "BUT UHH WHAT ABOUT THE EVIDENCE"

Dog, who in their right minds would make these kinds of things up, who would put themselves out there to the public and reveal a story this detailed and vulnerable. For money and attention? Yeah I'm sure they absolutely love the aggressive amount of hate and threats that have come their way since the release of this. What could've been an inspiring documentary that helps other victims of sexual abuse feel less alone and stronger about speaking out also feels like an example of why speaking out is so impossible because of the absurd amount of stupid people out there who can't seem to accept these things. That was such a poorly worded sentence but we're gonna move on.

Sort of like SilentDawn wrote in his review, I was also a huge fan of Louis CK. When someone would ask me who my favorite celebrity was in high school I'd say Louis. When his allegations went public and I learned about the situation I was extremely hurt, I couldn't listen to or watch someone who has been huge inspiration to me for years. It sucks a lot, yeah, but the lives and respect of those affected by his actions are significantly more important than my respect and support for him. The same goes for Michael Jackson. He was an amazing artist and was incredibly important to the music industry but that doesn't mean he didn’t destroy the lives of these families. Like can we just grow up for a SECOND and put ourselves in the shoes of someone else?