Little Women

Little Women ★★★★½

The big stupid grin I had on my face for basically the entire first half hour. I noticed it and was like “oh wow I should not be smiling this hard I look weird” and 5 seconds later went back to smiling. The love and care that is oozing out of this film gives it this dreamlike feeling that I haven’t felt since, well, Lady Bird. Overwhelmed really is the best word to describe my initial reaction when it ended because this thing gives you so much to love and hold on to. It makes me so glad that this thing exists and is a film I can eventually own on blu-ray and just watch whenever I need to! I haven’t even read the book! Which brings me to my point that I was honestly a little confused sometimes (I blame the editor) and it honestly is probably the main reason I didn’t cry when I was totally supposed to. But again....this film does so much good. I love you Greta Gerwig!!!!

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