Love ★★★★

If there's any filmmaker out there who has the vision and confidence to make the next 2001, it's Gaspar Noé. Hate him all you want, I sure as hell do sometimes (refer to my Irreversible review) but he's unarguably one of the most exciting filmmakers...ever? Yeah, ever.

I hate how this is getting labeled as just porn. The excessive amounts of sex is not the flaw of this film. The sex, if anything, tells the emotional arc of this shitty dude in a really interesting and clever way. If you're gonna make a film that tackles this idea and how it impacts someone psychologically, you're gonna have a lot of sex in the movie. That's just how it's gonna be. And to be honest I think this film did those scenes incredibly well. I mean seriously, there are some seriously visually stunning shots in this thing.

This film fails when the writing picks up. A lot of the writing in the last 20 minutes specifically is so stupid and surface level which is honestly shocking to see coming from a film that's able to tell ideas and moods through visuals and sound so well.

Anyways. Aside from the writing this is pretty amazing and it blows my mind that it even exists. I love Gaspar Noé. I'm so ready for Climax. Feel free to interpret that last sentence however you wish.

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