My Neighbors the Yamadas ★★★★½

This may seem like the Ghibli film doing the least but it just might be doing the most. There’s a lot of bias going on here. For one, this art style is extremely up my alley. I was honestly a little doubtful going in that such a simplistic approach wouldn’t be able to carry an entire feature. But there’s a lot of variety here. A lot of creative choices that’ll convince you all animated films should look like this from now on. 

The second bit of bias comes from the fact that because of Covid-19 I’ve been living with my family for 4 months. Leaving tomorrow, actually! When you spend so much time with anyone in one building for long enough, small habits turn into irritations. It’s made me crave living around an environment more similar to who I am, the community I found myself in while going to school for four years. But there’s something harmonious about all these differences and hiccups. 

It’s also SO funny. It never had me on the floor but I haven’t laughed this consistently at anything in a long time. And the soundtrack? Don’t even get me started!

I probably wouldn’t have been as moved by this had I seen it at literally any other time of my life. But who knew such simple little film could carry so much weight. A nice movie to watch in the middle of a Twin Peaks marathon! :)