Raw ★★★★★

I didn’t actually watch again but I’m adding it to my top 4 because it fully deserves to be there and I wanted to briefly describe why.

This movie has clearly really stuck with me and I owe part of that to the gore and uniqueness of it, but I also think that underneath there is a message about college and adulthood that this movie does so unbelievably well. Half the horror of it is blood and the other half is the fear of giving into a norm for the sake of a reputation that can quickly spiral into an unstoppable and irreversible trait that defines you physically and mentally. This norm could be college-related or could be a family trait that you could very well be afraid to go against. Independence, as you enter this period of your life is terrifying, mostly because there’s a fear that one might never fully achieve the ability to feel independent, and this film addresses the horror of failing to achieve that. I think this is a fascinating idea that was told in an incredibly unique and powerful way through this film and for that it is easily one of the best movies I’ve seen.

The cinematography is also MUAH.

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